Head maniac Tim Hugall on the launch of Issue 1

I haven't seen my wife and daughter for around 2 months now. I'm not actually certain that they still live here.

What started as a "wouldn't it be cool if..." conversation around a year ago turned very quickly into a project so time consuming and energy draining, that I've felt like throwing in the towel more times than I care to admit.

Making a magazine sounds like a relatively simple thing do to, I mean it's just a few articles and images...how long can it really take to put together 56 pages of content? The answer...a bloody long time especially when you have no real world writing experience, no graphic design qualifications and absolutely no f*cking clue what you're doing.

But although I miss my family and I haven't seen the sun for as long as I can remember, I do not regret spending every waking minute at this b*stard computer and sticking it through to the end. As this morning, at 10.11am, the first box of copies of Sega Mania landed on my doorstep and I've never felt happier.

Is it a perfect publication? Absolutely not. Flicking through the print copy I've immediately spotted a ton of errors that we didn't catch during the proofing process (that will be fixed before you get your copy) and having been away from the content for a few days while working on the site and other bits and pieces, I'm cringing slightly at some of the content I've written. But ultimately, am I proud of what we've produced? Hell yeah I am!

Simon and Sam have worked exceptionally hard and I'm confident that the three of us have created something you'll really love and I cannot wait for you all to get your hands on a copy.

We'll be taking a breather for a few days and then its on to issue 2, and hopefully after all we've learned it will be just as good if not better than issue 1.

I really hope you'll continue with us on our journey.

- Tim



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Yes, so happy to see a fan release anything of this ambition so gladly i will buy it and subscribe as well.


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