Are you affiliated with Sega or any other game company?

No, we are a 100% independent publication with no links to Sega Corporation, its subsidiaries or any other game or media organisation.

My item is damaged can you improve the packaging or send a replacement?

We'd love for our magazine to get to you in perfect condition but this is isn't always 100% possible. To keep the weight and postage costs as low as possible we send the magazine in a protective plastic wrapping but we cannot add anything to prevent bending or excess impact as it would make the magazine too heavy. If your magazine arrived torn or with water damage or is in some way completely unreadable then contact us and we will send out a free replacement.

I sent you an email but you haven't replied!

Sega Mania is run by a small team and we all have full time jobs in addition to running the magazine. Therefore it may take us a little while to get back to you. You can always try and reach us via our Discord channel if you need an answer quickly.

How frequently does Sega Mania get published?

We are aiming to be a “one issue every 2 months” publication but this has its challenges as a small team and occasionally issues could slip by a few weeks. We will always let you know if this is likely to happen. As we grow our frequency should improve.

Where the hell is my order?

Printing and shipping a magazine as an independent is an enormous undertaking, that said we will always work as hard as possible to get your magazine to you in a timely manner. We are not Amazon Prime and you may be waiting a week or two for your magazine. We will always aim to keep you informed. If you feel like something has gone wrong, please send an email to shop@sega-mania.com and someone will be in touch to help you.

I have a subscription but never get a despatch notification...why is this?

Due to the way we handle subscriptions, we cannot mark your issues as despatched as this would close the whole order. If you ever have any questions regarding your subscription, please contact us.

An issue I want has sold out, is it possible to back order?

We do reprints of older issues on occasions but these are infrequent. If a magazine is sold out you can click the button on the product page to be notified when new stock will be available. We use this function to track how much demand there is for an issue and once there is enough we will make more and let you know.

You don't ship to my country but I really want a copy of the magazine, how can I get one?

Our country list is generous but we are also aware that we've had to make a lot of exclusions, this is entirely down to shipping costs. If you live somewhere we don't ship to, let us know by emailing shop@sega-mania.com and we will see what we can do.

How can I advertise in Sega Mania?

We offer half and full page advert spaces at very reasonable rates. Please contact us at advertising@sega-mania.com for more information.

How do you use my data?

Our website collects your name, address, email address and phone number (if given) for the purposes of shipping your order. We will never ever share your details with a third party and your payment details are not stored on our site or accessible to us. We may use your email address to send you transactional emails if there is an issue with your order. If you've subscribed to our newsletter then you may receive marketing communication from us, you can unsubscribe from this at any time. On occasion we may use 3rd party tools to manage our orders or email communications all of these systems are plugins authorised by Shopify and subject to the same restrictions as given above. Should you wish to have your details removed completely, please contact us.

We take the handling of data very seriously and we are registered with the ICO and subject to all of their terms surrounding GDPR. Our ICO number is available at the bottom of this page.