How our shipping process works


UK Orders:

  • All pre-orders are shipped in bulk. You will receive a despatch notification once your copy has been packed, however the Royal Mail 2nd Class postage you have paid for does not begin until the courier have processed the packages. This means that your copy can take up to 10 working days to arrive after you receive your despatch email.
  • Orders placed when the magazine is on general release are processed individually by Royal Mail. Because we post and pack these by hand and not in bulk, it can take a few days for us to get to a post office. You should expect to see your copy within 7 working days of your despatch notification.

International Orders:

  • Due to extra customs information required for international packages (including the EU), international shipments are done via the Royal Mail bulk send service. Because our nearby post offices are very very small due to us being in a rural area, we can only give them so many copies to process at once and we have to stagger them. This means that international orders can take 10-21 working days to arrive, sometimes longer depending on the destination.


  • Subscriptions in the UK are processed in the same way as pre-orders above. Due to the way that Shopify order tracking works. You will not receive a despatch notification for any of the copies in your subscription, however you are welcome to contact us to request an update at any time.
  • International subscriptions are subject to the same shipping process as outlined above in the "International Orders" Section.

Digital Editions:

  • Digital Editions are delivered instantly upon checkout whereby you will be given a link. This will also be emailed to you as a backup. If for some reason you cannot download your copy, please contact us with your order number.

Bulk shipments to save costs:

  • We get a lot of requests to combine multiple issues into one shipment in order to save costs, especially for international customers. Unfortunately we cannot do this due to limited time and resources, it is easier for us to keep everything exactly the same with regards to packaging, weights and pricing structures. If we ever work out a system to do this we will let you know. Our subscriptions offer a small discount on the magazines and shipping to help reduce costs for international customers.