What? Why? Where? When? How?

What is Sega Mania Magazine?

Sega Mania Magazine is a love letter to classic Sega mags from the '90s.

Six writers volunteer their free time to produce some of the finest and funniest gaming related content you're ever likely to read, and one extremely stressed man designs the pages and deals with the admin. Around 400 hours of combined effort results in one copy of Sega Mania Magazine every two months. A professionally printed tribute to the magazines of old!

When did Sega Mania start?

We started Sega Mania Magazine in March 2021 and shipped our first issue in July '21.

Since then we have strived to release a new issue every two months.

Why create a Sega Magazine in the 21st Century?

Today we think of the big three gaming companies as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but back in the early '90s, things were very different and for a shining moment Sega was top of the pile.

We've created our magazine as a way of documenting the best of Sega throughout their golden years. If you are a veteran of that period then expect a heavy hit of nostalgia. If you are a younger reader or you're new to Sega's history, then be prepared to have your mind blown by their accomplishments.

Sega Mania starts in 1990 when Sega were really beginning to hit their stride and we intend to continue the mag right up until the end of the Dreamcast era. With each year taking up multiple issues as we grow, there's plenty of life left in our journey through time.

Where is Sega Mania created?

Sega Mania is created in Somerset in the United Kingdom. However, our writing team are located all over the UK, as far north as Scotland and as far south as Devon.

Despite being created on this tiny island, we ship the magazine all over the world.

We have customers in the EU, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and even Japan.

How is Sega Mania Magazine made?

Each issue begins with a basic outline. We work out which games we are going to review and what features we are going to cover. We then divide these responsibilities up between us evenly and start writing.

While the rest of the team is writing our editor Tim begins designing the magazine. We rarely use templates so each issue is designed from scratch and is incredibly time consuming.

Each member of Sega Mania is a volunteer and we don't pay ourselves for what we do. For this reason, the magazine is created in our spare time around work and family. Therefore, it tends to take us around two months to produce one issue.

Once the writing and design is complete, we then send it to be professionally printed. Upon its return, we pack it up by hand and begin the long and intensive process of shipping it all across the world.

We then take a two week break before moving onto the next issue.