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Sega Mania Magazine

Pre-order: Sega Mania Issue #4

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Issue 4 of Sega Mania Magazine brings a whole host of changes and improvements:

  • First and foremost our cover has been provided by the one and only Duncan Gutteridge, who was not only responsible for some of Sega's most significant '90s artwork including Sonic 2 promotional material, but the box-art for the European release of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 as well! Issue 4 will also contain an interview with the man himself!
  • We're upping our page count this issue to 80+ pages (not including cover) to bring you even more Mania goodness!*
  • Better quality printing materials.

Ships January 2022 (or early February if the staff party a little too hard over Christmas!)

*Due to the larger size of the magazine it has moved into a heavier weight bracket (250g+) for shipping and so you may see a slight increase in postage costs vs earlier issues. If you would like to see how we calculate our shipping costs you can do so on the Royal Mail website.