Other Projects

Although Sega Mania consumes a huge amount of our free time, a few of us do dabble in other things. If you'd like to take a look at what some of our staff get up to outside of work and the magazine, then you've come to the right place:


Simon Pike's passion for writing knows no bounds. He is a machine and churns out quality content like there's no tommorrow. Recently he has started a blog which gives him space to talk about gaming outside of the world of Sega. It's definitely one to bookmark:


A Winner is You

When he's not bashing out articles to our ridiculous deadlines, Alex Aldridge is hosting the Sega Mania podcast. However, did you know that Alex is already a gaming podcast veteran? The A Winner is You podcast has been running for a few years now and Alex and David discuss a featured game in depth on each episode, backed up with hilarious and thought-provoking chat. It's like having a few mates in the room with you. Give it a listen!

Rob's Spooky Literature

When Rob Kirkup isn't reviewing a Shinobi title or talking about fish on our podcast, he's usually prepping his next novel. Rob has had a wide range of his books published over the years. Highly regarded by all who read them, they mostly cover ghostly sightings in various UK towns, however some take a historical journey down Rob's northern city of origin. Rob is a fantastic story teller and even if you aren't familiar with some of the areas he covers, they are still entertaining reads but we recommend you keep the lights on while doing so!